Monday, July 25, 2005

Got project?

I've been wrestling with two conceptual ideas. One is to a project in something that I'm already quite confortable with - PHP & Mysql. The other is to try something I know nothing about -like Flash. That way, I'll will have learned a ton of new stuff by the end of this month. I have given a lot more thought to what the PHP project would look like. It would be a variant of a simple wiki that would be exclusively for computer code snippets -both functions and procedures. But then it would allow for interactive viewing of code, validifying and editing in ways that are rather uniquely beneficial to coders.

I haven't given much specific thought to a project that would involve Flash, film or other technologies that I know little about. I know I won't be doing anything with Maya & 3D coz it would take me an incredible amount of time to get a tiny working chunk of ...anything. I also think that after the next two days I'll have a grasp of Final Cut Pro -enough to decide whether I want a project incorporating video.


saratoga said...

What about a visual representation in Flash about a project you would create in PHP or another coding language?

Sarah said...

What she said. :)

Bryan Alexander said...

Nico, speaking of Flash, here's your assignment for tomorrow's digital writing class - .