Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Next Steps on the project

The last 24 hours haven't very eventful with actual progress in my work. But I've had time to sketch down in my mind where I want to look inorder to get the necessary material essential for making the big decisions on my goals. First of all, there seems to be an overwhelming number of free wikis. Clearly I'll need to choose one or two and focus on that. I think I will choose a very simple and lean one as well as a more advanced wiki with lots of features and customizations. The reason for doing this is as follows. I will need to look at a very lean site in order to understand the bare basic code needed to run a wiki site. But then I will need to look at an advanced wiki with both the basic elements as well as many features. There will be no need to reinvent the wheel in this regard.

At the end of this week, I will spend a significant amount of time just looking at PHP & MySQL code that is made for wikis. I will make a more solid decision on what I want to do do regarding code and by extension decide where I will incorporate Flash into my project.

My estimate is that by Monday, I will be ready to start working on making a drawing board for the content of my project and lay out my scope. My planning phase should be complete by Monday mid-afternoon at which point I will attack the content part.
I will also use Friday's session of Flash to decide how much I can realistically set out to do in the next two weeks with the experience that I gain.


Sarah said...

This sounds like a solid plan. Looking forward to seeing where you are on Monday! A question - I know you've got content scheduled for next week, but do you have a broad sense of what the wiki will be used for? Are you going to create a wiki interface for others to use, or is it a personal site that you're going to populate with content, for example?

Bryan Alexander said...

PHP seems have have several friends in our group. Are you working with anyone?

By "drawing board", did you mean "storyboard"?

Nico Mwai said...

yes, I mean storyboard.

Bryan Alexander said...

Good. I'd love to see what you have, when you get the chance!