Tuesday, August 02, 2005

more project

To do List

  1. Make a “skin for the site” using mostly CSS and a bit of PHP. Things to consider will include.

    • Appropriate images & colors for both text & background.

    • Some sort of logo that will be at the left corner of the page that will also fit into the background colors.

  2. Create a navigation system similar to the left side menus of wikis but with pull-down lists for subtopics.

  3. I need to decide if I will use Java script/PHP & CSS or something else –Flash? for this part.

1 comment:

Nick Doty said...

I keep meaning to mention this site to you, and then keep forgetting to, so I'll post a comment here now while I'm thinking about it.

You might want to check out, if you haven't seen it already, O'Reilly's CodeZoo, which is a repository for Java, Python and Ruby code (code components and utilities). They also have an interesting explanation on their news site on How CodeZoo Is Different from other code repositories (and you might want to check out the apparent multiple of code repositories they are referring to, though they don't give many names or links).

Anyway, the CodeZoo (and presumably those other sites) should give you lots of ideas about interface and features for a site where code is the content. I expect your site will differ significantly from this one (yours being, apparently, more about snippets and algorithms that specific functional components), but could give you something to compare to, etc.